Biographical Sketches

Nancy Baldridge born about 1773, married Samuel Isaacs
Addison Ball
born 18 May 1822, married Abigail Adeline Robbins
Rebecca Bowman
born about 1813, married Jacob Isaacs
Sally Bowman
born about 1815, married Elijah Isaacs
Susannah Bowman
born about 1815, married Fielding Isaacs
Sarah Brockman
born about 1817, married John B. Harrison
Lucinda Carpenter
born about 1824, married Andrew Isaacs
Stephen Carpenter
born about 1802, married Nancy Walker
Frederick Clemons
born about 1782, married Nancy Hunter
Polly Clemons
born about 1813, married Robert Jones
Ruth P. Gennett 
born about 1765, married John P. Hunter
Isaac Hugh Gabbard
born 14 May 1805, married Jane Agnes Isaacs
Susannah Gentry
born 7 July 1795, married Humphrey Jones
John Goldsmith
born about 1785, married Elizabeth Marchbanks
Matilda Lucinda Goldsmith
  born 28 July 1824, married Jacob Alexander Robbins
George Harrison
born about 1809, married Rachel Isaacs
John B. Harrison 
born 10 April 1807, married 1st Sarah Brockman
Nathaniel Holt
was born about 1813, married Mary Robbins
Elizabeth Howard
  born about 1790, married Godfrey Isaacs
Susannah Huff
born about 1819, married Isaac Isaacs  
John P. Hunter
  born about 1761, married Ruth P Gennett
Nancy Hunter
  born about 1788, married Frederick Clemons
Andrew Isaacs
born about 1819,  married Lucinda Carpenter
Elijah Isaacs 
born about 1808, married Sally Bowman
Elizabeth Isaacs
born about 1803, married Herod Johnson
Fielding Isaacs
  born about 1815, married Susannah Bowman
Godfrey Isaacs
born about 1738/48, married Sarah _____.
Godfrey Isaacs
  born about 1775, married Elizabeth Howard
Godfrey Isaacs
  born about 1793, married Keziah Johnson
Godfrey Isaacs
  born about 1825, married Lydia J. Morris
Godfrey M. Isaacs
born about 1842, married Elizabeth A. Rider and Sarah E. Smith
Isaac Isaacs
  born about 1815, married Susanna Huff
Jacob Isaacs
  born about 1813, married Rebecca Bowman
James Isaacs
  born about 1804, married 2nd Elizabeth Davis
Jane Agnes Isaacs
born 24 December 1811, married Isaac Hugh Gabbard
Rachel Isaacs
born about 1813, married George Harrison
Samuel Isaacs 
born about 1773, married Nancy Baldridge
Samuel Isaacs
  born about 1795, married Sarah _____.
William B. Isaacs
  born about 1794, married Sarah Johnson
Herod Johnson 
born 24 Nov 1820, marred Elizabeth Isaacs
Keziah Johnson 
born about 1794, married Godfrey Isaacs 
Sarah Johnson
  born about 1783, married William B. Isaacs
Humphrey Jones
  born about 1770, married Susannah Gentry
Robert Jones
born about 1810, married Polly Clemons
Carter Lax/Lakes
  born about 1792, married Edith Skinner.
Elizabeth Marchbanks
  born about 1790, married John Goldsmith
Mary Masagee/Massingale
born about 1787, married Jonathan Robbins
Elizabeth Mitchell
born about 1813, married Baxter Todd
Lydia J. Morris
born 22 Dec 1820, married Godfrey Isaacs
Martha Jane Norris
born about 1838, married Baxter Todd
Elizabeth A. Rider
born about 1838 married Godfrey M. Isaacs
Abigail Adeline Robbins
  born 11 April 1823, married Addison Ball 
Jacob Alexander Robbins
  born 28 Nov 1824, married Matilda Lucinda Goldsmith
Jonathan Robbins
  born about 1785, married Mary Masagee/Massingale
Mary Robbins
was born about 1814, married Nathaniel Holt
Edith Skinner
  born about 1798, married Carter Lax/Lakes
Sarah E. Smith
born about 1865, married Godfrey M. Isaacs
Baxter Todd
born about 1814, married Elizabeth Mitchell and Martha Jane Norris
Nancy Walker
born about 1804, married Stephen Carpenter