Baxter Todd and Elizabeth Mitchell

Baxter Todd and Elizabeth Mitchell were married 13 August 1833 in Madison County.  I am not sure who Baxter Todd's parents were.  Annie Walker Burns Bell's book, Madison County Kentucky Marriages 1785-1851 lists:

Backster Todd, father: Caleb     married Eliz Mitchell   7-30-1833    bondsman: Major Johnson 

Bill and Kathy Vockery's book, Madison county Kentucky Marriage Records Vol. II, 1823-1851:

Groom:  Baxter Todd -  Bride: Elizabeth Mitchell - Bond date: 30 July 1833 - Bondsman: Major Johnson - Grandfather of the Groom: Joseph Todd - Mother of the Groom:  Mary Todd - Listed on bond but relationship unknown: Nancy Mitchell - Marriage Return: 13 August 1833.

I found this marriage return on the microfilm of the Madison County Court Marriage Records:

And on the 13th day of August, Baxter Todd and Elizabeth Mitchell, 1833

Baxter Todd was born in about 1814.  Caleb Todd was born in about 1794, so he was old enough to be Baxter's father.  However, the first record of a marriage for Caleb Todd that I have found was 28 January 1817 to Franky Roberts.  There could have been an earlier marriage, or there could have been a child without a marriage.  But I haven't found any proof of either as of yet.  I think that that fact that these first two records are so completely different from each other calls one or both of them into question.  A lot of research needs to be done.  

According to Hubert W. Cox,  author of Todds of Madison County, Joseph Todd married Mary Berry, and didn't have a son Caleb.  But considering the number of Todds that married other Todds, Jospeh might just have likely been Baxter's maternal grandfather as paternal grandfather.  If the Vockery's book is correct, and Joseph was Baxter's grandfather, than the Mary listed might have actually been Baxter's grandmother, rather than his mother.  

I can't find Caleb Todd on the 1820, 1830 or 1840 census. He was most likely living with another family and enumerated in their household.  Caleb did appear on the 1850 census in Madison County with his wife Susan Cradlebough.  There were no children in the household.

Elizabeth Mitchell was born in about 1813 in Madison County,  the daughter of William Mitchell and Nancy Estes.  Since Baxter married for a second time in 1866, it seems likely that Elizabeth died sometime between 1860 and 1865.  Baxter's second marriage was to Martha Jane Norris on 10 July 1866 in Madison County.  Baxter doesn't appear on the 1880 census.

Children of Baxter Todd and Elizabeth Mitchell

1. Virginia A. Todd was born in about 1834 in Madison County.  She married Joseph S.H. Young on 3 October 1857 in Madison County.  Jackson County Vital Records list the birth of Susan E. Young, born in Estill to Joseph S. H. Young and Virginia Tod, who resided in Jackson County.

2. Nancy Todd was born about 1836 in Madison County.  Her death was listed in the Madison County Vital Records, "Miss Todd, daughter of Baxter Todd, who was born in Madison County, died in 1852, at age 17 of fever."  

3. Sarah Elizabeth Todd was born 23 June 1838 in Madison County.  She married William Jones, son of Robert Jones and Mary/Polly Clemons on 1 July 1859 in Jackson County.  The Rev. John G. Fee performed the ceremony.  Sometime after 1880 and before 1900, William and Sarah Elizabeth moved their family to Arkansas.  William Jones died in June 1905 in Waldron, Scott County, Arkansas.  Sarah Elizabeth Todd Jones died of a liver tumor on 20 November 1917 while living in Krebs, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma with her daughter Melissa Bell Jones, the wife of Joel Cochran.  

4. John Walker Todd was born was born in about 1840 in Madison County.  He married Sarah Newton on 22 June 1866 in Madison County.  He served as a private in Company D, 49th Kentucky Inf. during the Civil War.

5. William Todd was born about 1842 in Madison County.  

6. James Todd was born about 1844 in Madison County.

7. Samuel Todd was born in about 1846 in Madison County.  He served as a private in Company C and/or E of the 1st Cavalry Regiment in Kentucky.  He enlisted on 21 May 1863 in Somerset, Kentucky.  He was declared a prisoner of war on the 20th of October 1863.  He died during internment in 1865.

8. Christopher Todd was born in about 1847 in Madison County.

9. Thomas Todd was born about 1848 in Madison County.

10. Richard Newton Todd was born about 1849 in Madison County.

11. Clay Todd was born about 1850 in Madison County.

12. Andrew J. Todd was born 4 September 1852 in Madison County.  He was not listed with the family on the 1860 or the 1870 census.  He most likely died prior to 1860.

Children of Baxter Todd and Martha Jane Norris

1. Mary Todd was born about 1867.  She appeared as Mary on the 1870 census and Nancy M. on the 1880 census.

2. Susan F. Todd was born about  1868

3. Milo (Bud)  Baxter Todd was born in April 1870.  He married Martha B. Powell, who was born on the 25th of April 1876 in Jackson County.  Martha was the daughter of Berry Powell and Nancy Evans.  Milo died in Lee County in 1931 and Nancy died in Lee County on the 13th of December 1958.  They are both buried at the Brandenburg Cemetery in Lee County.  (Information courtesy of Nancy Schaefer)

4. Samuel N. Todd was born about 1874.

5. Stephen D. Todd was born about 1873.

6. Jemima Todd was born about 1877.