Carter Lax/Lakes and Eady Skinner

Carter Lax/Lakes was born about 1792 in North Carolina.  He married Eady Skinner on 2 December 1816 in Estill County.  Eady was born about 1798 in North Carolina and was the daughter of Cortland Skinner and Hannah Reed.  Carter died prior to 4 July 1864 and Eady died sometime after 1870.

Children of Carter Lax and Eady Skinner

1. Lucinda Lakes was born 3 March 1817. She married Thomas Harrison, son of Elisha Harrison and Ipha/Effie Baker, 15 September 1836 in Estill County. 

2. Mary Ann Lakes was born about 1819.  She married Jonathan C. Harrison, son of Elisha Harrison and Ipha/Effie Baker, 28 December 1837 in Estill County.

3. Mahala Lakes was born about 1820.  She married Andrew Isaacs, son of Godfrey Isaacs and Keziah Johnson, on 7 May 1840 in Estill County. Mahala must have died prior to 28 September 1841 when Andrew Isaacs married for a 2nd time to Lucinda Carpenter in Laurel County.

4. Riley Lakes was born about 1821.  He married Frances Brockman, daughter of Shelton Brockman on 26 February 1843 in Madison County.  


Madison County VR: Riley Lakes, age 35, resided in Clover Bottom, farmer, died in May 1852 cancerous tumor. Margaret Lake, age 11, female, born in Madison, daughter of Fanny Lakes died 10 March 1854 of pneumonia.


Beginnings of Estill Co. 1808-1869,  pg. 174 

14 Aug 1856: Carter Lake is made guardian to Anderson, Nelly and Eady Lakes, infant children of Riley Lakes decd.

Jackson County Court records, June term 1870:

Ordered that Elisha Harrison, husband of Nelly B., late Lakes, and said Elisha Harrison entered his appearance herein, and John B. Harrison guardian of the minor heirs of Fanny Lakes entered his appearance to defend for the infant heirs and by agreement of the parties no exception is taken to the summons filed herein and said summons having been by the clerk for the Jackson Co. Circuit Ct instead of the Jackson Co Ct and the parties being fully before the court and the court being fully advised that Henry Moss is surveyor of this county, Jesse Smith and Azariah Martin bound they are hereby appointed this court__________to divide the land (according to good ________). Heirs of said Riley and Fanny Lakes under the order according to law until which time this is continued.

5. Greenbury Lakes was born about 1823.  He married Nancy Jane Harrison, daughter of Elisha Harrison and Ipha/Effie Baker, on 31 January 1839 in Estill County.

6. Delilah Lakes was born about 1825.  She married Elisha H. Harrison, son of Elisha Harrison and Ipha/Effie Baker, on 29 April 1849 in Estill County. 

7. Eady Lakes was born about 1827.  She married Isaac Fowler, on 25 December 1845 in Estill County.

8. William Lakes was born about 1830.  He married Jane Fowler 13 April 1857 in Estill County. 

Jackson County Court records for August term, 1867 p. 26:

On motion of Wm Lakes and the court fully endorses, Wm Lakes is hereby appointed Guardian to Louisa Lakes born 13 Mar 1858, Luther Lakes born 17 May 1859, and John Lakes born Aug 1861, minor children of his, (William Lakes), their mother having departed this life and he came forward with bond with Wm Brenton and Sanford Rose his sureties and took oath according to law.

9. Merrill Lakes was born 15 October 1832.  He  married Matilda Gabbard 8 November 1852 in Madison County. 

10. Leannah Lakes was born in July 1834.  She married Fielden [Fielding] Isaacs, son of Godfrey Isaacs & Elizabeth Howard on 8 November 1852 in Estill County.  Another source listed the marriage as 1853. Fielding died 30 December 1858 of consumption. (Jackson Vital Records) and Leannah remarried in 1866, Jackson County to Sheldon Harrison, son of  John Baker Harrison and Sarah Brockman.

11. John Lakes was born in February 1836.  He married Hannah Morris 26 June 1862. 

12. Armilda Lakes was born 30 April 1838, she married Sanford Ross 14 November 1871 in Jackson County.

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