Elizabeth Isaacs and Herod Johnson

Elizabeth Isaacs was born about 1803, in Virginia.  She was the daughter of Samuel Isaacs and Nancy Baldridge.  She married Herod Johnson 24 November 1820 in Floyd County.

Herrad Johnson and Elisha Isaacs are bondsmen for the marriage of Herrad Johnson and Elizabeth Isaacs. I am willing that Herrad Johnson marry my daughter Betsy Isaacs � Samuel Isaacs.  Annals of Floyd County, Kentucky p.259

Betsy Isaacs to Herrad Johnson 24 November 1820 - Marriage Return

I am not sure who the bondsman, Elisha Isaacs was.  Elizabeth might have had a brother Elisha who acted as her bondsman.  Elizabeth named her first son Elisha and her second son Elijah.  She also had a brother Elijah.

On September 23rd, 1822, Herod Johnson paid Cutberth Stone $150.00 for a 60 acre tract of land on the right fork of Beaver Creek in Floyd County. This was the same 60 acres that Cutberth Stone bought from William Johnson for $250.00 on November 6th, 1820.

Herod Johnson died in Floyd County prior to 1840 when Elizabeth Johnson was listed as the head of the household on the 1840 Madison County census.  Herod's heirs were listed in the Floyd County Land Records:

E-635 27 Oct 1847 Herod Johnson�s wife and heirs of Madison County on one part, and William Hall of Floyd County on the other. Elizabeth Johnson and Heirs of Herod Johnson for $600.00, sell 200 acres on the right fork of Beaver Creek to William Hall. Wit: John B. Harrison and Wm Isaacs, Sr.

Signed: Samuel Isaacs and wife Jane, daughter of Herod Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Elisha Johnson, Amy Johnson, Lewsy Johnson, Rachel Johnson

I think that Herod and Elizabeth Johnson's two sons, Elijah and Herod were considered infants with no legal standing, and weren't listed as signatures on this document.  William Hall, who bought the 200 acres, was the son in law of William Isaacs Sr., Elizabeth Isaacs Johnson's older brother.

On the 1850 Madison County census, Elizabeth Isaacs Johnson was listed as Elizabeth Tillery, the wife of  Isaac Tillery.  The census listed them as having been married during the census year.  I haven't found a record of the marriage, although it seems likely they were married in Madison County. Isaac Tillery's death was listed in the Madison County Vital Records, "Isaac Tillery 70 years old, cooper, resided at Indian Creek, Madison County, born in North Carolina, died February 1852, pleurisy."

Elizabeth Isaacs Johnson Tillery appeared on the 1860, 1870 and 1880 censuses of Jackson County.  

Children of Herod Johnson and Elizabeth Isaacs

1. Elisha Johnson was born in about 1823 in Floyd County.  He married Eleanor Fortner on 12 January 1843 in Madison County.  Fielding Isaacs was listed as the bondsman, with Martha Fortner as the mother of the bride and Elizabeth Johnson as mother of the groom.  According to her tombstone Eleanor Fortner was born 16 October 1825 and died 5 October 1901 in Morgan County.  Elisha Johnson died 20 May 1896 in Morgan County.

2. Jane Johnson was born in about 1825 in Floyd County.  She married Samuel Isaacs on 16 September 1847 in Madison County.  Samuel was the son of James Isaacs and his first wife.  Since Samuel's father, James and Jane's mother, Elizabeth Isaacs Johnson Tillery were siblings, Jane and Samuel were first cousins.  Jane and Samuel had two daughters before Jane died in 1853.  Her death was listed in the Madison County vital records,  "Jenny Isaacs, 30, married, died of consumption on 3 October 1853, residing in Madison."  Samuel Isaacs married 2nd, Elizabeth Harrison, on 6 March 1854 in Madison County.  He was murdered 17 January 1859  while residing in Jackson County.  In 1860, Elizabeth Isaacs, the daughter of Samuel Isaacs and Jane Johnson, was living with Jane's brother Elijah Johnson and his wife Carlisle in Jackson County.  Elizabeth's younger sister,  Lavina(h), was living with her maternal grandmother, Elizabeth Tillery in Jackson County.

3. Lovinsa/Vicy/Lewsy Johnson was born about 1827 in Floyd County.  I don't have any record of her ever having married.  She appeared on the 1850 census next door to Fielding Isaacs with whom she supposedly had a long term relationship.  

Jeremiah Sparks gave a deposition on the 14th of November, 1884 regarding a pension for Susan Isaacs, in which he mentioned Vicy.

Question: Tell us the date and circumstances of Fielding's [Susan Isaacs' husband] abandonment of claimant?

Answer: I could not give the date - Ever since I knew him, he has been running off with women and coming back and abusing his wife, I have seen him running about with women all along before the war. He has a family by Vicey Johnson and the rumor is that he has raised a family by Vicey's child and also by his own child the daughter of Vicey. He had children by Mary Stevens and Nancy Stevens before the war, I think that he practically abandoned Susan his wife before the war and wasted his substance on other women.

Vicy appeared on the 1860 census, living next door to her mother, Elizabeth Tillery.  According to the Jackson County Court records Vicy died prior to the April 1861 session.  

April term (special session) 1861, p. 239

It is appearing to the satisfaction of the court that Levisa Johnson having departed this life and having 6 infant children and it becoming necessary that the court should make provision for them agreeable to law.

And on motion of Fielden Isacks ordered that he be and he is hereby appointed guardian of the six infant children of Levisa Johnson to wit: Nancy Jane Johnson being over 14 years of age and being in open court and making claim of the said Fielden Isaacs, Edy Johnson being over 14 years of age and not being able to be at court proves in court by James R. Isaacs that she wishes Fielden Isaacks be appointed her guardian, Andrew J. Johnson age 12 years, Jenny Johnson age 9 years, Richard Johnson aged 5 years, Carlita Johnson three years and all the last 4 being under the age of 14 years - It is ordered by the court that Fielden Isaacks be and he is appointed guardian of the said six infant children and he came forward and entered into bond with the Commonwealth with James R. Isaacs as surety and further taken the oath required by law in such cases. [Record says Richard Johnson, but the child was actually Rachael.]

In 1870,  the two youngest children of Vicy Johnson were living with their grandmother, Elizabeth Tillery.

4. Anna/Ann  Johnson was born about 1829 in Floyd or Clay County.  I don't think that Anna ever married.  In 1850 she was living with her mother and step-father,  Elizabeth and Isaac Tillery, and two of Anna's children, twins, John and Nancy.  In 1860 Anna was still living with her mother, and her five children, including two sets of twins.  Anna was still living with her mother in 1870 with her five children.  Anna was living next door to her mother in 1880 with four of her five children.

5. Rachel Mary Johnson was born about 1830 in Clay County.  She married John Marcum 21 August 1850 in Madison County and appeared on the 1850 census next door to her mother, Elizabeth Tillery.  Rachel and John were listed on the census as having been married during the census year.  Although they had no children in 1850, in 1860 John and Rachel had eight children, including three sets of twins.

6. Elijah Johnson was born about 1831 in Clay County.  His tombstone in Birch Lick Cemetery, in Jackson County, lists his birth as 12 February 1836 and death as 28 January 1893.  The birth year on the tombstone has to be incorrect, because Elijah's age is very consistent on the various censuses.  He was 20 in 1850, 29 in 1860, 39 in 1870, and 49 in 1880. Elijah married Carlila Martin on 20 May 1857 in Madison County.  Carlila was the daughter of Miton and Nancy Martin.  Her marriage bond listed her as having been born in Rockcastle. Carlila's  tombstone in the Birch Lick Cemetery listed her birth as 18 November 1837 and death as 15 July 1894.  Her age does seem consistent with the census, being 24 in 1860, 35 in 1870 and 44 in 1880. There has been some confusion as to Carlila's  given name.  She was listed as Carlila on her marriage certificate, Carlita on the 1860 census and Carlista on several other records, including her tombstone.  There has been some suggestions that Carlila's mother Nancy may have been an Isaacs.  I don't think the evidence supports that theory, rather it seems more likely that she may have been a Carpenter.  More research needs to be done in either case.

7. Herod Johnson was born about 1836 in Clay County.  He married Lucinda Harrison on 23 June 1856 in Estill County.  He was listed in Jackson county in 1860 with his wife Lucinda and his daughter Nelly. In 1880 Herod was living in Madison county.