Isaac Isaacs and Vicy Triplett and Susannah Huff

Isaac Isaacs was born about 1815 to Godfrey Isaacs and Keziah Johnson.  He married Vicy Triplett on 23 February 1834 in Floyd County  (Floyd County Kentucky Courthouse Marriage Records). They had one son, Linville, who was born about 1835. According to court documents, Vicy deserted Isaac and their son Linville after two years of marriage.  Isaac filed for a divorce at some point.  The divorce papers were found in the Kentucky State Archives in Box 208, Bundle 415.  The year 1836 was written on the outside of the bundle.  That date coincides with the date that Vicy supposedly deserted Isaac.  However the divorce was not granted until Tuesday, 24 March 1857. 

28 May 1856 - Deposition of Godfrey Isaacs taken at the examiners office of Thomas Owens in Richmond, KY.

I am acquainted with Isaac Isaacs and Vicy Isaacs. Isaac is said to be my son. Isaac and Vicy were married in Floyd County in KY sometime upwards of twenty years ago. I reckon they lived together as man and wife something like two years. So far as I know they lived together about two years, and Vicy Isaacs then went off and left her husband Isaac and as I understand went to North Carolina and has never lived with him since. She took up with another man after her separation with Isaac, and had several children. Isaac Isaacs was born and raised in this state and now lives in Madison county. He has never lived out of the state of KY They have never been together so far as I know since the separation and I have had every opportunity to know whether they have or not. - Godfrey Isaacs

The deposition of Godfrey's is followed by a short note by James Isaacs Sr. (brother of Isaac)

I know that Isaac and Vicey Isaacs lived together as man and wife for about the time spoken of in Godfrey Isaacs deposition above.  I think she went off and left hem abut the time Godfrey states and has never lived with him since.  I saw Vicey where she started to go off. - James Isaacs

[A special thanks to Geneva Rudolph for providing the divorce information regarding Isaac Isaacs and Vicy Triplett.]

There was a marriage bond in Laurel County dated 6 September 1841 for the marriage of Isaac Isaacs and Susannah Huff.  I don't know if an actual marriage took place since technically Isaac was still married to Vicy Triplett at the time, and there was no return recorded.  (However, the absence of a return is not uncommon.)  Isaac Isaacs and Susan Huff had twelve children between the years 1839 and 1862.  There is a puzzling vital record in Madison County that is worth noting:

Born: Mahala Isaacs, daughter of Isaac Isaacs and Visey Triplet, 9 October 1852 in Madison.  Parents reside in Madison.

Since Vicy had left Kentucky and moved to North Carolina years earlier, it seems unlikely that she, rather than Susan Huff, would be the mother of Mahala.  On the 1860 census Mahala was living with Isaac and Susan.  Perhaps, since Isaac was not actually divorced at this time, he and Susan decided to list Vicy as the parent for some legal reason.  1852 was the first year Kentucky required vital records to be taken by the counties.  The act was repealed in 1862 because of the War.  The new law might have made Jacob and Susan nervous because of their marital status.  Isaac and Susan seemed to have avoided the vital record recorders after 1852, because there was no vital records listing for their children William Riley born about 1855, Lorenzo Dow born about 1858 and Anderson born in 1860.  I have no idea if Isaac and Susan were ever legally married.  

During the November 1868 term of the Jackson County Circuit Court, Isaac Isaacs was paid $4.00 by the commonwealth for killing a fox. (Jackson County Circuit Court, pg. 112). The 1870 Coyle, Jackson, KY Mortality Schedule listed “Isaac Isaacs, age 53, male, married, farmer, born KY, died of consumption Nov 1869."

On the 1st of November, 1869, Isaac's son Andrew Isaacs was "appointed administrator of the estate of Isaac Isaacs dec'd with David Gentry and R. Gentry and A.C. Lainhard to appraise the estate of Isaac Isaacs." (Jackson County Court Records, pg. 323)

The surviving heirs of Isaac Isaacs were listed in the Jackson County Land Records, Book 2, pg 362:

21 April 1871 Kiah Crooke and Sally his wife and Joel Gentry and Thomas W. Cox and Rhoda his wife in Estill on one part and Isaac Isaacs heirs on the other part:

Widow, Susan Isaacs. Children: Linville Isaacs, Nathan Pearson the only child of his mother Elizabeth Pearson the late Elizabeth Isaacs, Patsy Abner, the late Patsy Isaacs, Andrew Isaacs, Godfrey Isaacs, John Isaacs, Mary Jane Cain, late Mary Jane Isaacs, Nancy Jane Collins, late Nancy Jane Isaacs, Mahala Jane Lainhart, late Mahala Isaacs, William Riley Isaacs, Lorenzo Dow Isaacs, Anderson Isaacs and Cassius Isaacs all of Jackson County. KY except Patsy Abner of Fleming County. KY,

Children of Isaac Isaacs and Vicy Triplett

Apparently the only child Isaac Isaacs and Vicy Triplett had was Linville Isaacs.  According to Carol Cain, Tripping Down the Triplett Path, Linville was born in April of 1838 in Estill County.  Linville listed April 1838 as his month and year of birth on the 1900 census.  But, according to the court records, Vicy deserted her son and husband in about 1836, Linville was probably born in about April 1835.  He was listed as 35 on the 1870 census and 45 on the 1880 census.  

Linville married Elizabeth Hisel on 7 August 1854 in Estill County.  Jackson County Circuit Court Records list Linville and Elizabeth's divorce proceedings beginning in 1864 the the divorce finalized in 1866.

Elizabeth Isaacs, plaintiff against Linville Isaacs, defendant

"It is ordered by the court that the plaintiff be and she is hereby divorced from the dependant and restored to all the rights and privileges of an unmarried woman and that defendant also be divorced from the plaintiff and restored to all the rights and privileges of an unmarried man after the expiration of one year from this date. It is further adjudged that the defendant pay the costs of this action and the same is ordered to be stricken from this docket."

Linville married a second time to Elizabeth Azbill on 20 May 1870 in Jackson County.  According to Loretta Turner, Linville went to live with his son Irvine in Illinois and died while there in 1927.  He is buried in While Oak Cemetery in Carlock, McLean County, Illinois.

On various family history sites, I have seen Linville referred to as William Linville.  But I have never seen "William" on any documents, official or unofficial.  He never used William on the census, in land records, in marriage or bond records, or on court records.  The name William Linville never appeared on probate records regarding Linville.  Yet, in spite of this, many family historians continue to use the name William Linville. It is interesting how easy it is to add undocumented information and how hard it is to get rid of it.  

Children of Isaac Isaacs and Susannah Huff

1. Elizabeth Isaacs was born about 1839 in Laurel County.  She married Richard M. Pearson on 13 December 1860 in Jackson County.  Elizabeth died prior to 1864 when her husband Richard remarried.  In 1870, Nathan Pearson the 9 year old son of Richard and Elizabeth was living with his widowed grandmother Susannah Huff.  Nathan's father, Richard Pearson and his second wife and their three children were also living in Jackson County in 1870. 

March Court term, 1875, p. 501:

 Proof has been made that Richard Pearson's minor children are in destitute circumstances. It is therefore ordered that any person who will furnish the said children (3 in number) and keep them til the next court shall be allowed $10.00 out of any money in the hands of the sheriff.

2. Martha Isaacs was born about 1841 in Laurel County.  She married Samuel Abner 30 April 1862 in Jackson County.  She died prior to 1892 when Samuel remarried.

3. Andrew Isaacs was born about 1842 in Laurel County.  He served as a private in Company D of the 7th KY Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War. He married Deborah Isaacs, the daughter of  John Isaacs and Isabella Moore in about 1867.  He was appointed the administrator of his father's estate in November 1869.  Andrew and Deborah were in Jackson County on the 1870 census, but by 1880 they were in Mount Erie, Wayne County, Illinois.  They were living next door to Deborah's brother Godfrey M. Isaacs.  Andrew applied for a pension for his Civil War service in 1890 while living in Missouri.  In 1892 he was apparently in Arkansas, as he was listed on the Fort Smith Criminal Case Files for cutting timber on government lands.  Deborah applied for a widow's pension on the 15th of September 1905 while in Arkansas.  In February of 1911, Deborah gave a deposition for her sister in law, Sarah, the widow of Godfrey M. Isaacs.  Deborah was living in Manila, Mississippi County Arkansas at the time.


State of  ____________ County of _______________  [both of these were left blank]

    In the Claim of Sarah E. Isaacs widow of Godfrey M. Isaacs, late of Co. D, 7th Reg't, Ky Inf Vols.

    On this 24th day of February, 1911, before me, a Notary Public in and for the aforesaid County, duly authorized to administer oaths, personally appeared Debora Isaacs aged 65 years, a resident of Manila, in the County of Mississippi: and State of Arkansas whose Post Office address is Manila, Ark., well known to me to be respectable and entitled to credit, and who, being duly sworn, declares in relation to aforesaid case as follows:

    I have known Godfrey M. Isaacs all my life up until his death in Jan. 1911, at Bernie, Missouri.  I knew his first wife, Elizabeth A. Roder, shortly after they were married, and know that neither of them were ever previously married, and that they lived together as husband and wife until her death in June 1882, and that no divorce was ever applied for or granted to either of them.  Godfrey M. Isaacs was my brother and I personally know that he and Elizabeth A. Roder were married at Indianapolis, Indiana, just about the close of the Civil War, and brought her home to McKee, in Jackson County, Kentuckey [sic] where he was then living.

    Immediately after Godfrey M. Isaacs and Elizabeth A. Roder were married they came and lived in my father's house for about six months and I was with them all the time during this period.  I afterwards lived very close to them until they had five children, which as a period of about ten years.  The last time I ever saw Godfrey M. Isaacs and his wife was about the year 1880, up in Missouri at Cotton Plant.  The last time I every saw Godfrey M. Isaacs was last September, one year ago up at Bernie, Missouri.

Debora Isaacs [her mark]

4. Godfrey Isaacs was born November 1845.  He married Ninavah Catharine Lainhart on 4 February 1869 in Jackson County.  Ninavah was born in July 1852.  She was the daughter of Archibald Cassius Lainhart and Amelia Willis.  During the October 1881 term of the Jackson County Court, p. 440, Godfrey was released from paying taxes due to bodily afflictions.  On the 1900 census, Godfrey and "Ninnie C." listed that they had been married 31 years and  Ninavah  listed that she was the mother 13 children, all of whom were living. 

5. John Isaacs was born about 1846.  He married Mary Elizabeth Isaacs the daughter of Samuel Isaacs and Eliza Crawford, on 20 October 1870 (bond), in Jackson County.

6. Mary Jane Isaacs was born about 1849.  She married Isaac Cain on 11 November 1869 in Jackson County.  In 1880, Jerry Cane, the six year old son of Mary Jane Isaacs and Isaac Cain was living with his grandmother, Susan Isaacs.

7. Nancy J. Isaacs was born about August 1851. She married Samuel Collins in about 1871. Samuel Collins was the son of John M. Collins and Nancy Isaacs.

8. Mahala J. Isaacs was born 9 Oct 1852.  She was listed on the Madison County Vital Records as the daughter of Isaac Isaacs and Vicy Triplett.  See the discussion above.  She married William Lainhart on 7 June 1869 in Jackson County. 

9. William Riley Isaacs was born about 1855 in Laurel County.  He married Manerva Powell on 24 February 1874 in Jackson County.  Samuel Abner was the bondsman.  William Riley married second, Rebecca Collins on 16 December 1890 in Jackson County.  Rebecca was the daughter of John M. Collins and Nancy Isaacs.  On the 1900 census of Jackson County, William R. and Rebecca said they were the parents of children, all living.

10. Lorenzo Dow Isaacs was born about 1858 in Jackson County.  He married Sarah Gray on 5 Sept 1880 in Jackson County.

11. Anderson Isaacs was born about 1860 in Jackson County.  He married Nancy J. Gray on 28 January 1880 in Jackson County.  She was born in about 1863.

12. Cassius Isaacs was born about 1862 in Jackson County.  He married Martha Sandlen on 16 December 1880 in Jackson County.  She was born about 1865.