Jacob Isaacs and Rebecca Bowman

Jacob Isaacs was the first child of Godfrey Isaacs and Keziah Johnson.  He was probably born about 1813, most likely in Floyd County.   A bond for the marriage of Jacob Isaacs and Rebecca Bowman was found in Clay County. The bond was signed by Jacob Isaacks and Eligah Isaacks, and was dated 8 August 1832.  There were permission slips from both parents filed with the bond, they were both dated 7 August 1832.

To the clerk of Clay County KY, Mr. Abner Baker - Sir you are hereby directed to ishue a marriage lison for a marriage between Jacob Isaac and Rebecak Bowman and you will oblige your friend � Eleanor Bowman

To the clerk of Clay County KY - Mr. Abner Baker, Sir - a license between my son Jacob Isax and Rebecca Bowman and you will oblige your friend - Godfree Izaac

The return was also filed in Clay County.  

This is to certify that on the 9th day of August 1832, I married Jacob Isaacs and Rebecka Bowman.   signed Abraham Thomas

In the book, Clay County Marriages Vol. 1, 1807-1859, the bond for the marriage of Jacob and Rebecca Bowman is dated 8 August 1832, and a date of 5 October 1832 is listed for the marriage. Actually 5 October 1832 is the date Abraham Thomas's return was written and sent to Clay County.  

Rebecca Bowman was born about 1813 and was the daughter of Jacob Bowman and Eleanor Evans.  In 1840 Jacob and Rebecca were in Laurel County along with Jacob's father, Godfrey, and several of Jacob's brothers.  Jacob appeared twice in the minutes of the Elk Lick Baptist Church in Owsley County: 

October, 1843 -  Received by experience and baptism: Jacob Isaac....

July - 1844 - Jacob Isaacs came and let the church know he had done wrong.  The church forgave him.

Jacob and Rebecca moved to Grant County sometime  prior to 1850.

A paragraph from the History of Grant County states: 

In July and August, 1862, sixteen citizens were arrested and taken to Camp Chase, Ohio and Louisville, Ky., and put into prison. There were over sixty from the surrounding counties. From Grant County there were: William Conrad, O. D. Manama, Dr. R. G. Harrison, John DeHart, Gideon Kinman, John A. Turner, John H. Webb, O. P. Billiter, V. Simon, Jacob Isaacs, James C. Woodyard, James W. Evans, John J. Hensley, John J. Flege, Esau Boyers and G. W. Ferrill. Collins, History of Kentucky, Vol. II pages 139-145

According to Stan Isaacs, the citizens were probably arrested for presumed 'disloyalty' that might have been based on their refusal to sign a  loyalty oath. The history book doesn't go into a lot of detail but 27 of the 'wealthiest and most influential citizens (rebels) were taken prisoner.  Stan said that family and friends wrote letters to their congressmen trying to get them released.  

Jacob's wife Rebecca died prior to 1863 when Jacob married for a 2nd time to Sarah Landrum. Their marriage bond is listed in Owsley County:

Know all Men, by these Presents, That we, Jacob Isaacks and J. G. Harrison are held and firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Kentucky, in the sum of One hundred Dollars, to the payment whereof, well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, Ye (The?)., jointly and severally, firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals, and dated this 23rd day of April, 1863.

The condition of the above obligation is such, that whereas a marriage is shortly intended to be solemnized between the above bound Jacob Isaacs  and Sarah Landrum, of the County; Now, shall it always hereafter appear that there is no just cause to obstruct the said Marriage, then the above obligation to be void; else to remain in full force and virtue.  (Signed)
Jacob (X) Isaacks (and) J. G.(X) Harrison Test: W. G. Si?? (could be Sims)   [Courtesy of Nancy Robins]

Jacob and Sarah Isaacs were listed on the 1870 census of Grant County.  Jacob died sometime after November 28th, 1876 when he wrote his will. The will was probated on the 3rd of March 1877.  Susan Isaac provided me with a copy of the will.


November 28th, 1876, Jacob Isaacks decd:


I, Jacob Isaacks of the County of Grant and State of Kentucky, being of sound mind and feeling that life is uncertain and death is certain and desirous of arranging my worldly affairs, do proceed to make this my last Will and Testament.


I do give, bequeath & devise my estate as follows:


I will and desire that my farm shall be set in grass & rented by my Admr. and no part of the grass shall be broken untill the year 1881 at which time the heirs can do with the same as they desire


I will & devise to my wife Sarah Isaacks one third of the rent of my farm for the term specified above and when the division is made one third of the same while she remains my widow.  I also will to her one year's provision and one third of the personal property.


I will and devise one heir's interest in my Estate to my son Preston and his legal heirs


I will and devise one heir's interest in my Estate to my son A.J. Isaacks and his legal heirs


I will and devise to my son T. J. Isaacks and his legal heirs one heir's interest in my estate


I will and devise to my daughter Cordelia Thompson and the heirs of her body one heir's interest in my Estate


I will and devise to my daughter Lousa J. Ferguson & the heirs of her body one heir's interst in my estate


I will and devise that my son Alfred Isaacs and my daughters Mary A. Evans and Elander Woodyard shall be full heirs in my Estate.


Jacob Isaacks (his mark)


In Grant Co., Ky on this Nov 28th, 1876 the above named Jacob Isaacks signed and sealed this instrument & published and declared the same as his last Will & Testament; and were in his presence and at his request and in the presence of each other have herewith subscribed our names as witnesses.


Joshua K. Page

Andrew Sheriff

H.Z Alphin (?)


State of Kentucky

Grant County Court

March Term March 3rd, 1877


The foregoing instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Jacob Isaacs deceased was at the above time produced to Court and duly proven by the oaths of Joshua Page, Andrew Sheriff and H. Z Albin.



Jacob Isaacs' estate was divided into nine lots in addition to the dower share that was given to Sarah Landrum Isaacs. They were listed as follows:


Lot #1 -- Preston Isaacs, 4 acres

Lot #2 -- Mary Ann and James P. Evans, 8 acres

Lot #3 -- Cordelia  and Wm. Thompson, 16 acres

Lot #4 -- Louisa J. and John Ferguson, 18 acres

Lot #5 -- Nancy Ann and Hugh Lucas, 8 acres

Lot #6 -- A. J. Isaacs, 8 acres

Lot #7 -- Elander and James Woodyard, 7 acres

Lot #8 -- James P. and Mary Ann Evans, 8 acres

Lot #9 -- T.J. Isaacs, 9 acres


Isaacs to Isaac


At some point Jacob Isaacs and some of his children changed the spelling of their name from Isaacs/Isaacks to Isaac.  Jacob appeared as Jacob Isaacs on the 1850 and 1860 census, but as Jacob Isaac on the 1870 census.  However on the 1870 census Jacob's son Preston was still using Isaacs.  On his Civil War pension papers, Preston consistently used Isaacks.

Children of  Jacob Isaacs and Rebecca Bowman

1. Preston Isaacs was born 5 March 1834.  (I noticed that another researcher had 5 May 1834.  I am not sure which is correct.)  Preston married Elizabeth Hays on 28 December 1856 in Grant County.  He served as a private in the Civil War in Company B, 32nd KY Volunteer Infantry and Company D, 53rd KY Volunteer Infantry.  His Military Service Record (53rd KY) shows:

Preston Isaacs mustered in September 17, 1864 at Covington.  He was age 30, a farmer by occupation.  He enlisted 12 August 1864 for 1 year.  He had blue eyes, dark hair, light complexion, and was 5'11".

While living in Warrensburg, Johnson County, Missouri, Preston applied for an invalid pension on the 23rd of February 1892 .  He claimed that he was unable to work as the result of a gun shot wound to his right leg below the knee that he got while loading his gun to go on duty, on the 10th of April 1865. In his deposition of the 14 of January 1891 he said, "I was at my home in Williamstown, [Grant County] KY when the order from Lieut. Bicker was brought me by Sgt. Williams . . . I was then eating dinner. I immediately got up from dinner and started on foot for the Court House.  I had my navy pistol buckled around me at the time I was at dinner, and on my way to the Court House, I was running and loading my pistol at the same time and my pistol accidentally went off while I was putting a cartridge into it and the ball struck my right leg below the knee and went down and through the calf of my leg..." 

His pension claim was rejected.  He reapplied on the 20th of April 1897, claiming that for the last seven or eight years he hadn't been able to work due to epileptic fits and their results.  He claimed also to have been "somewhat affected by a stiffness of his right wrist or of his right hand and arm that seems to be permanent, but did not exist when he made his first application under the said Act of June 27th 1890, that said paralysis of right wrist came on gradually about four years ago and was not caused by his vicious habits."

Preston was eventually awarded an invalid pension.  He died of nephritis on 17 January 1907, while he was living at the Western Branch of the National Military Hospital in Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas.  He was a widower at the time.  

2. Andrew Jackson Isaacs was born 1 June 1836, probably in Laurel County.  He married Lucretia Wilson on 15 September 1859 in Grant County.  Lucretia was born 21 April 1835 in Grant County between Dry Ridge and Williamtown.  She was the daughter of James Wilson and Lucy Childers.  Andrew Jackson served as a private in the Civil War in Company B, 32nd KY Volunteer Infantry.   He was injured during the war when he fell off his horse on a march.  He received an invalid pension for the injury. According to his Civil War pension application, Andrew moved to Franklin County, Indiana about 1874. He died 3 March 1910 in Brookville, Franklin County, Indiana.

Daughter Alice's deposition July 22, 1910, Civil War Pension Application:

I was born on the 26th day of June, 1860, and am the daughter of Lucretia Isaac, the claimant herein, and also the soldier Andrew J. Isaac. My mother and father were never married but once. They lived together as husband and wife from my earliest remembrance to the time of his death, except that for about six months immediately prior thereto he was adjudged by the Franklin Circuit Court of Franklin County, Indiana of unsound mind, and dangerous to run at large. During the greater part of this time he was confined in the Franklin County Jail, during which period mother could not live with him, but she administered to his wants as fully as she could by washing for him and sending meals to him now and then while confined in the County Jail, and furnishing them whenever he came home, as he sometimes did with an attendant.

Affidavit: Hannah E. Grimes age 70, Resident of Metamora County of Franklin, Indiana 26th day of July 1910.

My maiden name was Hannah E. Marksberry. I lived in Grant County Kentucky except about one year in the adjoining County of Owsley until the year 1874 when I moved to Indiana. I was well and personally acquainted with Andrew J. Isaac and his widow Lucretia Isaac, whose maiden name was Lucretia Wilson from the time each of them was of marriageable age and before and know that neither was married before they were married to each other. Although I was not present at their marriage I heard of it and know they commenced living together as husband and wife and have no doubt that they were married as they were said to have been. I attended school in Grant County Kentucky with Andrew J. Isaac and lived close to his folks and not very far from Lucretia Wilson. I know that Mr. and Mrs. Isaac lived together as husband and wife continuously from the time of their marriage in Grant County Kentucky until some months before his death when he was declared of unsound mind and dangerous by the Franklin Circuit Court when she could not live with him.

19th Feb 1887 Brookville, County of Franklin, Indiana: 

[Andrew Isaacs] My age is 50 years; Occupation farmer. I volunteered Aug. 22, 1862 in Co B 32 Reg Ky Vols. at Williamstown Grant Co. Ky. My father moved to that County when I was a small boy.  I lived there up to the time the war commenced and after the war closed, up to about the year 1874, I moved to this County Franklin Indiana. Before the war I stayed on my father's farm and worked for him until I went into the army. I was married in 1859. The two summer previous to this I worked for Francis Gaugh (since dead) Stewetsville, Grant Co. KY. 

Certificate of Death: Andrew Jackson Isaac, white male 
Birth: June 1, 1836 
Age at death: 73 years 9 months 3 days.
Married to Lucretia Isaac
Birthplace: Kentucky
Father: Jacob Isaac
Mother: Rebecca Bowman
Birthplace of mother: Kentucky
Occupation:  farmer
Date of death:  March 3, 1910, village of Brookville, Franklin Co. Indiana
Place of burial: Maple Grove Bookville, Indiana. March 5, 1910
Informant: Sylvester L. Isaac.


Alice M. Isaac born June 26, 1860
William J. Isaac born Aug. 11, 1862
Mary E. Isaac born Jan 17, 1865
James A. Isaac born Feb. 8, 1868
Bessie G. Isaac born March 10, 1871
John L. Isaac born Feb. 14, 1874
Sylvester L. Isaac Apr 17, 1878

From Susan Isaac:

Preston and Andrew both left for home during the war [winter of 1863].  Preston was absent without leave but Andrew was absent with leave. Remarks for Andrew: Absent with leave sick at home in Grant Co. KY. Feb 28, 1863. I believe that this is probably when their mother was sick and probably died. 

Andrew Jackson Isaacs died 3 March 1910 and Lucretia Wilson Isaacs died 7 November 1916, both in Brookville, Franklin County, Indiana.  A picture of Andrew and Lucretia's tombstone taken by Barry Isaacs can be found on Susan Isaac's web site at:    http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Plains/7895/Isaac.htm

3. Mary Ann Isaacs was born about 1839 probably in Laurel County.  She married James Parker Evans in March 1858, in Grant County.  They are listed on the Grant County census for the years 1860, 1870 and 1880.  In 1880, Tom Isaac 6, a nephew, was living with James and Mary Ann.  On the Grant County School Census of 1895, Thomas Isaacs, 18, was listed as living with J.P. Evans, his guardian.  This was undoubtedly the same Thomas Isaacs, but there is a bit of a discrepancy in his age.  Mary Ann and James Parker Evans received two lots (#2 and #8) in the division of her father's estate. Perhaps they were given an extra share on behalf of the nephew Thomas Isaacs who lived with them.   

4. Elenor Isaacs was born about 1840 in Laurel County.  She married James C. Woodyard on 23 November 1857 in Grant County.  They are listed on the Grant county census for the years 1860, 1870 and 1880.  She was given Lot #7 in the division of her father's estate.

5. Alfred Isaacs was born about 1843 in Laurel County.  He appeared in the 1860 census with his parents in Grant County.  He was in Marion County, Indiana, in 1870  and in Shelby County, Indiana in 1880.  He was listed in his father's will as an heir to receive an equal share of the estate.  But he wasn't listed as having received one of the nine lots.  At the time he was living in Shelby County, Indiana along with his sister Nancy Ann Isaacs Lucas, who wasn't listed as an heir, but did receive a lot.  

6. Cordelia Isaacs was born about 1844 in Laurel County.  She married Joseph Giltner.  Joseph was the son of Battos Giltner who was born in Germany.  Joseph must have died because Cordelia was listed on the 1880 census with her husband William Thompson in Big Eagle, Scott,. Kentucky.  Her son Joseph G. Thompson (14) was living with them.  I haven't found either marriage record.  Cordelia received Lot # 3 in the division of her father's estate.

7. Ebeneser Democrat Isaacs was born about 1847 in Grant County.  He was listed as Ebeneser (age 4) on the 1850 census and as Democrat (age 13) on the 1860 census.  I don't know which is a first name and which is a middle name.  However neither name shows up on the 1870 census, but there was a Thomas J. Isaacs, (23) on the 1870 census living with Andrew J. Isaacs and his wife Lucretia.  And T. J. Isaacs is listed as a son of Jacob Isaacs in his will, and given a portion of his estate.  It is possible that Ebeneser Democrat and Thomas J. were the same person, or perhaps Ebeneser Democrat died between 1860 and 1870 and Thomas J. was missed by the census taker in both 1850 and 1860-- another mystery.

8. Thomas J. Isaacs was born about 1847.  He married Mary Fant on 25 December 1873 in Grant County.  He might be the same person as Eneneser Democrat (see discussion above).  He was listed as Thomas J. on the 1870 census with the family of his brother Andrew J. Isaacs.  He was listed as Jackson on his marriage certificate.  A five year old Charles W. Isaacs was listed on the 1880 Grant County census, living with his grandmother, Martha Fant.  I don't know what happened to Mary, she probably died.  However, family tradition has it that Thomas J. got in trouble with the law.  Glen Isaacs explained it this way: 

Thomas, by various accounts, killed a man, whose name was, I believe, Joseph Potter. Thomas escaped the law at the time, but was reportedly captured sometime later. However, he again escaped, either by jumping bail, or jailbreak, depending on the version told. This is where all accounts of him seem to diverge. Some have him going to Tennessee, some to Indiana, or somewhere else----that was in fact Nebraska. I do know that he made stops in Coffeyville, Kansas and Saline, Nebraska before finally settling in Brownville, Nebraska. Family legend has it that he actually spent some time as a law-man in some of these places. Oh, and by the way, he no longer was named Isaacs, as he had changed his name to Charles Wright. He married and had several children by the name of Wright. Somehow, his son, Charles Walter, (CW? a recurring set of initials) found out his whereabouts and eventually came to Nebraska also.

9. Martha Isaacs was born about 1849 in Grant County.  She was not mentioned in her father's will in 1877, she probably predeceased him.

10. Sarah Isaacs was born about 1851 in Grant County.  She was not mentioned in her father's will in 1877, she probably predeceased him.

11. Louisa Isaacs was born about 1853 in Grant County.  She married John F. Ferguson on 2 May 1874 in Grant County.  She received Lot #4 in the division of her father's property.  She sold her land to her brother, Preston.

This indenture made and entered into this 19th day of January, 1878 between Louisa J. Ferguson and her husband John Ferguson of the first and Preston Isaacs of the second part, all of the County of Grant and State of Kentucky witnesseth that we Louisa J. Ferguson and John Ferguson her husband for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred and forty dollars to be paid on the 19th day of January 1879 have bargained sold and by these presents conveyed to said Preston Isaacs the following described tract or parcel of land situated in Grant County, Kentucky and being the same land allotted to Louisa J. Ferguson in the division of her father's Jacob Isaacs estate in Grant county Court being lot no. 4 in said division and bounded as follows:...containing eight (8) acres one (1) wood and fourteen (14) poles.  To have and to hold the same under said Preston Isaacs his heirs and assigns forever.  Party of the first part doth forever warrant and defend the title to said land against the claim of all and every person whatsoever  ... (missing a line) ... payment of the purchase money.  In testimony ... have hereunto set our hands and seals the day and date first above written.  Signed:  Louisa J. Ferguson  J. F. Ferguson

12. Nancy Ann Isaacs was born about 1859 in Grant County.  She married Hugh Lucas about 1877, probably in Grant County.  Their son Charles was born in 1878 in Kentucky according to the 1880 census of Liberty, Shelby, Indiana where they were living at the time.  Nancy wasn't listed in the will, but she did receive a share of her father's estate.  She sold that share to her brother Preston.

This indenture made and entered into this 13th day of December 1880 between Nancy Ann Lucas and her husband Hugh Lucas of the County of Shelby and State of Indiana of the first part and Preston Isaacs of the County of Grant and the State of Kentucky of the second part. Witnesseth that the party of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of $150.00 (the value of one mare and buggy) in hand paid the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged and the further sum of $1540 to be paid on the 25th of December 1881 for which the party of the second part has executed his promissory note of even date herewith- have bargained granted and sold and by these presents do bargain grant and sell unto the party of the second part and his heirs and assigns forever all that certain tract of land in Grant County Ky and bounded as follows to wit: ....and being the same tract of land allotted to the parties of the first part in the division of the lands of Jacob Isaacs dec in the Grant county Court - To have and to hold the same with the party of the second part and his heirs and assigns forever with covenant of general warranty.  In witness of which the parties of the first part have hereunto set their hands this day and date above written.  Signed:  Hughey Lucas   Nannie Lucas