John B. Harrison & Sarah Brockman

In 1847, when Elizabeth Isaacs Johnson sold the estate of her deceased husband, Herod Johnson, John B. Harrison acted as a witness.  When Samuel J. Isaacs (1794-1859) sold land to Andrew Isaacs (his son) in 1858 in Jackson County, he said that the land was right next door to John B Harrison. The Isaacs and the Harrison families were closely tied.  John B. Harrison's younger brother George Harrison married Rachel Isaacs, a daughter of Samuel Isaacs and Nancy Baldridge.  John B. Harrison's younger sister Sally Harrison married Elisha Isaacs, a son of Godfrey Isaacs and Betsy Howard. At least four of John B. Harrison's children married Isaacs. 

John B. Harrison was born 10 April 1807, probably in Madison County.  He was the son of Elisha Harrison and Effie/Ipha Baker;  he married Sarah Brockman 29 July 1832 in Madison County.  Sarah Brockman was the daughter of Shelton Brockman and Elander (Nelly) Baker.  Sarah's death and that of her daughter Sallie A. were listed in the Jackson County Vital Records. Sarah died at age 40 on 12 September 1857 in Madison County and her daughter Sallie A. died at age 3 of scrofula on 17 March 1857 in Madison County.

John B. Harrison married 2nd, Catharine A. Rogers on 25 August 1858 (bond)  in Jackson County, at the home of Catharine's father, George Rogers.  John B. Harrison died 20 February 1888 in Jackson County, Kentucky and is buried in the Harrison Cemetery in Sand Gap, Jackson County.

Harrison Children on the 1850 Census

Shelton Harrison, 17 years old.  Shelton married 1st Angeline Gray on 8 November 1855 in Madison County.  Angeline was the daughter of James Gray and Sally Isaacs, (daughter of  Godfrey Isaacs and Betsy Howard).  He married 2nd Leannah Lakes Isaacs in about 1866.  Leannah Lakes was the widow of Fielding Isaacs, son of Godfrey Isaacs and Betsy Howard.  She married Fielding Isaacs on 8 November 1852 in Estill County.  One source listed the marriage as 1853. Fielding died 30 December 1858 of consumption. (Jackson County Vital Records) . 

Elisha Harrison, 15 years old.  Elisha married 1st Martha Ann Rose, on 10 November 1855 (bond), consent given by Israel Rose, father of the bride.  Elisha brought divorce proceedings against Martha Ann in June of 1861.  The final judgment was filed in June Term, 1862:  

Jackson County Circuit Court, p. 213

Elisha Harrison [plaintiff] against Martha A. Harrison, deft

This day this cause is come on for hearing and was heard and the court being fully advised adjudges that the plaintiff be and he is hereby divorced from the defendant and restored to all the rights and privileges of an unmarried man that the deft be restored to all the rights and privileges of an unmarried woman but not to take effect until one year from this date that plaintiff pay the cost of the action and this cause is stricken from the docket.

Elisha married 2nd Anna Jane Isaacs, 4 May 1863 at Hiram Gray's house in Jackson County.  Anna Jane was the daughter of Godfrey Isaacs and Betsy Howard. Elisha Harrison served in Co. E, 1st KY Volunteer Cavalry during the Civil War.

Apparently, Elisha Harrison and Ann Jane Isaacs had no children of their own, but Ann Jane became the guardian of the children of Elisha Harrison and Martha Rose, after the death of Elisha Harrison sometime prior to February 1867. The guardianship was listed in the Jackson County Court Order Book, February term, 1867, p. 544:

On the motion of Ann Jane Harrison and the court being fully advised, it is therefore ordered that she, Ann Jane Harrison be and she is hereby appointed guardian to the infant heirs of Elisha Harrison deceased, viz: John P. B. Harrison born 4 November 1856, B.B. Harrison born 27 December 1858, John S. Harrison born 13 January 1861 and whereupon she came forward and entered into bond with William C. Harrison and Thomas Harrison security and she took oath as the law requires.

B. B. Harrison was listed as Burges B. Harrison on the 1860 census.  There was probably an error by the court clerk when he listed John S. Harrison born 13 January 1861.  The same person was listed as  Joseph S. Harrison on the 1870 census.  John P. B. Harrison was listed as Palestine Harrison on the 1880 census.

Elizabeth Harrison, 13 years old.  Elizabeth married Samuel Isaacs on 6 March 1854 (bond) in Madison County.  Samuel was the son of James Isaacs and his 1st wife.  Samuel Isaacs was born about 1826 in Clay County.  His first wife, Jane Johnson died on 3 October 1853 at age 30, of consumption (Madison County Vital Records).  Samuel Isaacs was murdered on 17 January 1859 (Jackson County Vital Records).  I have never found a record of a 2nd marriage for Elizabeth Harrison Isaacs.

In 1860 Elizabeth was living with her children, James B., Sarah and Samuel Preston in her father's house in Jackson County.

Jackson County Court Records - Feb 1863 p. 323:   Elizabeth Isaacs was appointed guardian for the infant heirs of Samuel Isaacs decd.

Lafayette Harrison, 12 years old.  Lafayette served in Co. E, 1st KY Volunteer Cavalry in the Civil War.  Lafayette married Cyrena Elizabeth Hudson in 1866. He died 13 December 1899.  

Ellender Harrison, 10 years old.  Ellender, (Nelly B) married 1st Samuel J. Isaacs 16 July 1861, at John B. Harrison's  in Jackson County.  Samuel was the son of Godfrey and Keziah Johnson Isaacs.  Samuel died in September 1863 of typhoid at the home of his parents.  Ellender married 2nd Joseph Smith about 1875.  She died 25 November 1882.

Nancy Frances Harrison, 8 years old.  Nancy Frances married Hudson Powell on 1 February 1858 (bond) in Madison.

Hannah M Harrison, 4 years old.

Margaret Harrison, 2 years old.


Additional Harrison Children on the Madison County Vital Records

Sallie Ann Harrison daughter of John B. Harrison and Sarah Brockman, born 12 October 1853, died 17 March 1857.  (Sally Ann was listed as Sallie Ann on her birth record and as Sallie A. on her death record - Jackson County Vital Records.)



Additional Harrison Children on the 1860 Census

John S. Harrison, 10 years old.  John Speed Harrison married Mary Loucinda Daughtery on 22 September 1875 in Jackson County.  John died in 1915 and is buried at Richmond Cemetery, Madison County, KY.  


William W. Harrison, 5 years old.


George Harrison 1 year old.  George was the first child of John B. Harrison and Catherine Rogers.  He married Stacie Smith 13 March 1879 in Jackson County.  George died 11 August 1943 and Stacie died 5 October 1848.  Both are buried at Salem Cemetery, Washington County, Arkansas.

Additional Harrison Children on the 1870 Census

Thomas R. Harrison, 8 years old.

Rosanna Harrison, 6 years old.

Felix J. Harrison, 4 years old.