John P. Hunter and Ruth P.Gennett/Jennett

According to his Revolutionary War pension application, John P. Hunter married Ruth Gennett about 15 July 1786 in Fluvanna County, Virginia.  There is some confusion about the marriage date because several different dates were given in various depositions.  However, this date seemed the most likely. I haven't found a copy of the marriage certificate yet. John Hunter was the son of Samuel P. Hunter (see Ann Avery Hunter's comments below) and Ruth was the daughter of Thomas Gennett.  Ruth appeared on the 1850 census of Madison County as 85 years old and a native of Virginia.  According to pension records Ruth died 10 June 1858 in Madison County.

(From Ann Avery Hunter, a Hunter researcher)

John P. and Forrest P. Hunter were the sons of Samuel Powell.  Samuel's legal name was Samuel Powell, but he seems to have used the Hunter name in daily life.  He was enumerated in one Goochland Co. tax list as Samuel P. Hunter, however his deeds and his will name him as Samuel Powell. He also witnessed several documents for [the] Hunter family as Samuel Powell. By the time his two sons grew up, they had apparently used the Hunter name long enough that it was accepted in Court as their legal name, but both continued to use the initial "P" as a middle initial. John P. moved to Madison Co., KY, while Forrest P. stayed in Goochland Co. Samuel Powell names his two sons in his will as John and Forrest, and there is no doubt that these are Samuel P. Hunter, John P. Hunter, and Forrest P. Hunter.

The land records of Goochland Co. seem to support this theory.  

Goochland Co, VA Deed Bk 14-369; 

Know all men by these presents that we Samuel Powel, Elizabeth Powel, John Powel, and Forrest Powel of Goochland County for and in consideration of the sum of sixty six pounds current money of Charles Burton of Louisa Co. one Negro Girl named Charity about 10 years of age and daughter of Negro Sarah considered as part of the estate that was to be divided between the heirs of the said Samuel Powel's wife Sarah Powel; 16 Nov. 1786; wit: Wm. George, Holman Rice, Matthew Mullins, Joseph Johnson

Goochland Personal Property Tax List 1787; listed with one male 16-21; enumerated as Samuel P. Hunter

Again from Ann Avery Hunter, (I haven't seen the original of this record, but will post it as soon as I get it.) 

DEATH: Goochland Co. DB 17, p. 465 will of Samuel Powell will dated 23 Jul. 1780; proved 15 Oct. 1798 Leaves 100 acres in the tract adjoining Jas. Norvell to be sold. The land I now live on to my 2 sons John and Forester, equally divided...their mother to have possession during her lifetime. Leaves daughter Elizabeth one negro girl Leaves daughter Moley (Molly) one negro girl The land adjoining John Payne's whereon Daniel Powers now lives I leave to Pleasant Atkinson... My beloved wife Sarah all the rest of my negroes, and after her death to be equally divided among children, including Susanna Moss not before mentioned with the rest; Exec: wife, son John, Simon Gentry Wit: Francis Clark, John Clark, David Shelton, George Haden

Madison County, KY Land records:

F-438 21 July 1807 John P. Hunter and Rutha P. Hunter his wife of Madison Co. for consideration of 125 lbs sold to Forrest P. Hunter of Goochland, a tract of land lying in Goochland VA - 125 acres on the waters of Little Bird Creek bounded by the lands of Thomas Mitchell, Martin Thackers, John Gorden, Abraham Founter. This is the land Samuel P. Hunter left me.

F-439 July 1807 Know all men by these presents that I John P. Hunter of the county of Madison and state of KY doth constitute nominate and appoint Forrest P. Hunter of the county of Goochland and state of VA, my true and lawful attorney in fact for the express purpose of demanding and receiving all sums of money that may be done me or that may be coming to me in consequence of the death of any of my relations in the state of VA and its supposed that there is a sum of money due me from the estate of Thomas Gennett, in right of my wife Ruth Hunter (late Rutha Gennett).

Madison County Court Order Book, Vol. H, pg. 295 listed the death of John Hunter:

29 May 1843:  Satisfactory proof was this day made in open court by the oath of Richard Lamb and Madison Lamb and John Hunter, late a pensioner of the United States departed this life on the 27th day of September 1842 and that the said John Hunter was the identical person named in an original certificate now have shown to the court bearing date the 3rd day of January 1834 and signed by Sur Cass, Secretary of War granting to the said John Hunter a pension of eighty dollars per annum and numbered #25390.

And it was further satisfactorily proven to the satisfaction of this Court that Ruth Hunter is the widow of said John Hunter and that she is now living.

Madison County Court Order Book, Vol. L, pg 440, listed the death of Ruth Gennett Hunter:

5 July 1858:  On motion of Irvine A. Hunter, letters of administration granted him up the estate of Ruth Hunter, decd, whereupon he took the necessary oath and with William M. Robertson and William C. Todd, his securities, entered into and acknowledged covenant to the commonwealth of Kentucky as required by law.

And it ordered that Harrison Hill, Hastings Foot and Irvine Sheflett or any two of the above who being first sworn to inventory and appraise the personal estate of Ruth Hunter, decd.

Satisfactory proof was this day made to the Court of the oath of Hastings Foot and Irvine Sheflett, two credible witnesses that Ruth Hunter (widow of John Hunter, decd, a private in the Revolutionary War) who was a pensioner of the United States at the rate of $80.00 per annum, as appeared by certificate no. 5742, dated 15 August 1851, died in the County of Madison, State of Kentucky on the 10th day of June 1858 and continued the widow of said John Hunter decd to the time of her death

Children of John Hunter and Ruth Gennett

1. Nancy Hunter was born about 1788 in Goochland County, VA.  She married Frederick Clemons about 1811.  Neither Nancy or Frederick appeared on the 1850 census.  Frederick was alive in 1841 when he gave consent for his daughter Rutha to be married.

2. John T. Hunter was born about 1791 in Goochland County, VA.  He married Elizabeth Buster 15 Mar 1814 in Madison County.  The Madison County vital records list the death of John Hunter.  "John Hunter, 62, male, born Madison County, died 25 September 1858, of fever."

3. Polly Hunter - was probably born about 1793, since her brother, John Hunter said in a CW deposition that he had a younger brother and a younger sister.  We know from the pension papers that Polly married a Mr. Lamb.

4. William B. Hunter was born 29 October 1796 in Goochland County, VA.   He married Spicy Owens 29 April 1823 in Madison County.  Notification of William's death was filed during the Court session of 24 September 1858, one day before his older brother John died of fever.  

Madison County Court Order Book, Vol. L, p. 464:  

24 September 1858:  � Spicy Hunter relinquishing her right to administration upon the estate of her deceased husband William Hunter and on this date produced and proved in open court by the oath of Allen A. Hunter a witness thereto and ordered to be filed.

And therefore on the motion of Irvine A. Hunter and William B. Hunter administration is granted them upon the estate of said William Hunter deceased. Therefore they took the necessary oath with William Hill and Silas Todd their securities entered into and acknowledged covenant to the Commonwealth of Kentucky according to law.


Revolutionary War Pension Records of John Hunter

I haven't transcribed all of the Revolutionary Pension papers yet, but what I have done is below:

State of Kentucky

Madison County

On this the 19th day of August 1848 Before me PP Ballard an Acting Justice of the Peace in and for the county and state aforesd personally appeared Ruth Hunter a resident of Madison County state of Kentucky who after being first duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit the acts of Congress passed 7th July 1838, 3rd March 1843 and 17th June 1849 and 2nd February 1848 and resolution of Congress 1st of July 1838 granting allowances and pensions to certain widows of officers and soldiers of the Revolutionary War to wit that she is the widow of John Hunter, who was as she verily believes a private in the Virginian Line in the army of the revolution and in consequence of his service therein was allowed a pension under the act of congress passed June 7th 1832 at the rate of $80 per annum and was placed upon and paid at the Kentucky agency that she was married to her said husband previous to the first day of January seventeen hundred and ninety four and she has four children the oldest one of which is about sixty years old and further she was married in the state of Virginia Fluvanna county to her said husband and that her said husband died on the 27th of September 1842 she further declares that she is still a widow never having intermarried since the death of her said husband that she was heretofore fixed papers to get a pension but which was never allowed to her That she believing herself entitled to receive the same rate of pension per annum under the aforesaid mentioned acts 7 July 1838, 3 March 1843 and 17 June 1844 and 2nd February 1848 that her aforesaid husband received under the act June 7th 1832 and believing herself still entitled to the same both legally and equitably she now most respectfully asks that Hon Commissioner of Pensions to make allowances at the rate of $80 per annum under the aforesaid acts 7 July 1838, 3 March 1843 and 17 June 1844 and 2nd February 1848 and that the certificates of pension may issue in her name for the same and be endorsed to her attorney Isaac H. Towbul of Frankfort with him only in as such others as he may authorize does she wish that the commissioners of pension to hold correspondence in reference to her said claim sworn to and subscribed before me on the day and year aforesaid BB Ballard, Ruth Hunter (her mark)

Appeared before me PP Ballard John Hunter a resident of Madison County KY who doth on his oath make the following statement that he is the child of John Hunter and Ruth Hunter that he is fifty eight years old that he is his mothers second child that his mothers oldest child is Nancy Clemons age about sixty three years old and he has one brother and sister younger than himself that his mother and father were married about sixty three years ago judging from what he has heard them say about it from the ages of himself and his sister Nancy. And that he has known Polly Gennett for forty years past, she is a lady of truth and respectability that she married his mothers brother James Gennett that he has always believed that ___

On this the 19th day of August 1848 personally appeared before me PP Ballard a Justice of the peace in and for the county and state aforesaid, Polly Gennett aged about eighty years old was after being first duly sworn according to law doth on her oath deposed and saith that she has known Ruth Hunter for many years past and that she recollects when Ruth Hunter was married to John Hunter they were married about sixty two years ago they went she thinks, she does not recollect where and came back in the evening and said they were married and she saw a lady who said that they were married and she lived by them for many years past and never heard any thing to the contrary but that they were married about sixty two years ago and further she saith now sworn to and subscribed before me on the day and year afsd. Polly Jennett (her mark)

On the 1st of September 1849, personally appeared before me, PP Ballard, Peggy Jones, aged 77 years, who after being first duly sworn, according to law deposed as follows, that she has known Ruth and John Hunter for many years past, and that she recollects when they were married, they were married about sixty three years ago, for ____ then married and about one year afterwards, or thereabouts, she had one child who is now Nancy Clemons and she had several children afterwards the youngest one of which is about fifty-three years old, and that she has been living in the neighbourhood of Ruth Hunter ever since she was married in Virginia and in Kentucky and for this Deponent saith ____ ,sworn to and subscribed before me on the day and year above � Peggy Jones

Affadavit of Isam Lane made in Madison County, KY states he was residing in Albemarle Co, VA during the Revolution now age 74 (1832) and has known John Hunter since he was a boy. Said Hunter's father kept a public house in Goochland Co, VA on the Great Road from Staunton to Richmond. I was at said Hunter's fathers according to the best of my recollection 1777 when said Hunter enlisted as a regular soldier into the service. I was frequently at his fathers during the Revolution after John Hunter enlisted and always understood he was out in the army, I understood from his father's family. In 1780 I was out in the militia and  was at his father's and saw John Hunter who had just returned from the army. I have known John Hunter from that time to this.