Rachel Isaacs and George Harrison

Rachel Isaacs married George Harrison 3 March 1831 in Clay County.  Rachel was born in April 1813 in Floyd County and was the daughter of Samuel Isaacs and Nancy Baldridge.  George Harrison was born about 1809 in Estill County and was the son of Elisha Harrison and Ipha/Effie Baker.  A bond for the marriage of George Harrison and Rachel Isaacs was filed in Clay County.  

George Harrison and Rachel Isaacs joined in holy marriage 3 March 1831  -- signed: E.W. Bowman, with Henry Gabbard as bondsman.

Mr. Abner Baker, sir:  Pleas to let George Harrison have marriage lisons for my daughter Rachel Isaacks and her father is dead, and you will much oblig your friend, Nancy Isaacs, given under my hand this 2 March 1831 also signed by Henry Gabbard and James Isaacks.

In 1840 George and Rachel were in Madison County.  According to the 1900 census they had nine children.  I have only been able to identify eight.  However on the 1840 census Rachel and George have a boy and a girl under five, and a boy and a girl between the ages of five and ten.  Then also have a boy in their household between ten and fifteen.  Since they were married in 1831, I would assume the ten to fifteen year old might have been a brother of George or Rachel's or some other family member.  If the other four children in the household were theirs, then it is likely that the missing child would be a daughter born between 1830 and 1835. 

According to the Madison County Vital Records, in September of 1852 both George Harrison and one of his daughter's died.  

Died of flux in September 1852, George Harrison, 40 years old, male, farmer, resided in Clover Bottom.  

Daughter Harrison, no age given, female, resided in Clover Bottom, daughter of George Harrison, died September 1852 of flux. 

The daughter who died was probably Iphy who was born about 1843.  She appeared on the 1850 but not on the 1860 census.  I don't think Rachel ever remarried. 

On 6 April 1872 this deed was recorded in the Jackson County Land Records:

John B. Harrison, part of the 1st party bargained and granted, gift and sold to Rachel Harrison a lifetime 3rd in a fifty acre survey, the remainder to Nancy J. Vance, Elija Harrison, him to have Isaac Harrison�s undivided share, Manerva Dickson, Joseph Harrison and William Harrison a part of the 2nd party all of the county of Jackson, for the consideration of $60.00 in wit the above named 50 acres of land [described in the text], I [John B. Harrison] bind myself, my heirs and assignees to make unto the said Rachel Harrison, Nancy J. Vance, Elisha Harrison, Manerva Dickson, Joseph Harrison and William Harrison. Signed by John B. Harrison.

John B. Harrison was the brother of Rachel's late husband George.  This land was probably George's share of the family estate, or something like that.  Rachel was given her "dower right" or 1/3rd of the total and the rest was divided among her children.  I am not sure why Elisha received Isaac's share.  Isaac was still alive. Perhaps he was gifted something earlier, or he was out of favor.  Isaac Harrison was the only one of Rachel's living children that didn't benefit from this deed.

Rachel appeared on the 1880 and 1900 censuses of Jackson County.  In 1900 she said she had nine children and five were still living.  She was listed as 87 years old, and a widow.  She did not appear on the 1910 census.

Children of Rachel Isaacs and George Harrison

1. Isaac Harrison was born in about March of 1832.  He married Mary C. Blanton on the 21st of March 1855 in Estill County.  There is an entry regarding the birth of his daughter in the Madison County Vital Records:

Rachel Harrison born 15 February 1856 to Isaac Harrison and Mary Blanton.  The birth was in Madison and the parents reside in Madison.

Isaac Harrison and Mary Blanton also has a son Andrew Harrison who was born 15 October 1858 in Jackson County.   Isaac Harrison was living with his mother in 1860, without a wife or children. Andrew Harrison was living with his grandmother, Rachel Harrison on the 1870 and 1880 census. Rachel Harrison, the daughter of Isaac Harrison and Mary Blanton, was living with Isaac and his 2nd wife in 1870.  I can't find either Rachel or Andrew of the 1860 census. I assume that Isaac Harrison and Mary Blanton were divorced.  Some family researches say that Mary Blanton died in 1885 in Jackson County.

Isaac Harrison married Lewatty Isaacs on 22 June 1861 in Jackson County.  Lewatty was the daughter of James Isaacs and his first wife.  She was also the widow of Joseph A. Isaacs, whom she married 17 July 1854 in Madison County.  Joseph and Lewatty had two sons, Jasper born 1856 and Silas N. born 21 January 1857, both in Madison County.  Joseph was the son of Samuel Isaacs Jr. He died prior to 1860.

During the June 1863 term of the Jackson County Circuit Court, Isaac Harrison and Lewatty Isaacs were indicted for adultery.  During the November 1863 term, the case was dismissed.   

Commonwealth, plaintiff, against Isaac Harrison and Luetta Isaacs, defendants:  ordered that this cause be set aside and that this cause be dismissed at plaintiff's motion and therefore adjudged by the court and the plaintiff recover of the defendant Harrison expenses.

Isaac Harrison married Mary Brooks on 12 February 1887 in Jackson County.  I have no idea what happened to Lewatty Isaacs Harrison.

2. Nancy Jane Harrison was born about 1837 in Madison County.  In 1860 she was living with Rebecca Vance, and her son James P. Vance.  There were other people living in the household.  It might have been some sort of boarding house.   In a deposition in 1884, on behalf of her aunt Susan Isaacs, regarding a pension, Nancy J. Vance  was asked who had seen her pay some money to Susan, and she said, "I don't know, but I think that my present husband's mother saw me pay it.  She is dead."  The statement seemed to indicate that Nancy might have been married prior to her marriage to James P. Vance, but I haven't found either marriage record.  On the 1870 census James and Nancy have a four year old son Lewis N. Vance.  They might have been married in about 1865.

3. John Baker Harrison was born about 1839 in Madison County.  He enlisted as a private on 10 September 1861 at Camp Dick Robinson.  He served in Company E of the 1st KY Cavalry.  He died on the 16th of February 1862 in Somerset, Pulaski County.

4. Iphy Harrison was born about 1843 in Madison County.  She was most likely the daughter of George Harrison whose death was listed in the Madison County Vital Records.

Daughter Harrison, no age given, female, resided in Clover Bottom, daughter of George Harrison, died September 1852 of Flux. 

5. Elisha Harrison was born 13 December 1846 in Madison County.  He married Nelly Bell Lakes 14 May 1870 in Jackson County. Nelly Bell Lakes was the daughter of Riley Lakes and Frances Brockman.

Jackson  County Circuit Court: June term 1870

Ordered that Elisha Harrison, husband of Nelly B., late Lakes, and said Elisha Harrison entered his appearance herein, and John B. Harrison guardian of the minor heirs of Fanny Lakes entered his appearance to defend for the infant heirs and by agreement of the parties no exception is taken to the summons filed herein and said summons having been by the clerk for the Jackson Co. Circuit Ct instead of the Jackson Co Ct and the parties being fully before the court and the court being fully advised that Henry Moss is surveyor of this county, Jesse Smith and Azariah Martin bound they are hereby appointed by his court to divide the land (according to good ________).  Heirs of said Riley and Fanny Lakes under the order according to law until which time this is continued.

Elisha Harrison appeared in the Jackson County Circuit Court records in the March term of 1871 to answer charges of bastardy.

Commonwealth and Suzin Carpenter, plaintiffs against Elisha Harrison defendant --  defendant is ordered to pay plaintiff $30.00 immediately, $10.00 one month from this date and $10.00 per year for two years.

Susan L. Carpenter, 20, was living with her mother Amanda Carpenter in 1870 in Jackson County.  Susan's daughter Sophia was 1 year old.

Elisha Harrison married Susan F. Coyle on 25 February 1897 in Jackson County.

6. Minerva Harrison was born September 1849 in Madison County.  She was living with her sister Nancy Harrison Vance in Jackson County in 1870.  She married Scott Dickson sometime prior to 1880.  In 1900, Minerva's mother, Rachel was living with her.

7. Joseph Harrison was born in April 1852.  He and his brother William were twins.  Joseph married Emaline Morris on 25 December 1872 in Jackson County.  He married Salina Ellen Coyle on 14 April 1898 in Jackson County.

8. William Harrison was born in April 1852.  William married Mary E. ____ sometime around 1872.  During the September term, 1883, the commonwealth's case against William Harrison (concealed weapons) is "abated due to death of defendant."


The 5th day of the May term, 1875, of the Jackson County Circuit Court was a busy day for the Harrisons.  The Grand Jury indicted Nancy J. Vance and her husband James for Sabbath Breaking and indicted William and Joseph Harrison for assault.  William and Joseph were both found guilty and charged $25.00 each, James Vance was found not guilty and the charges were dropped against Nancy.