Isaacs and Related Families of Kentucky

My great grandmother, Emily Jeanetta Jones Isaacs started doing genealogy long before I was born.  She didn't have a lot of resources but she wrote a lot of letters.  It is because of her efforts we have information on our Jones, Isaacs, Robbins, Clemons and other families that would have been lost otherwise.

As I began to do research on my Isaacs family in Kentucky, I quickly realized that virtually every Isaacs/Isaacks/Isaac family in the state between the years 1790 and 1900 were related.  In order to correctly piece together one Isaacs family it was necessary to piece together several other Isaacs families.  Before long I had accumulated information on most of the Isaacs families in Kentucky and many related families as well.

As another Isaacs researcher told me, "Genealogy is always a work in progress, never a finished product."  So please help me continue this work.  If you see errors, e-mail me with corrections, if you have information I don't have, please share.

I have tried to include every Isaacs family who appeared on the 1790 through 1880 censuses of Kentucky.  I have also included many related families.   But the inclusion of related families is totally arbitrary; well it's not actually arbitrary, but it might seem so to an observer.  Do not assume that because I included one Harrison family or Bowman family that I have included all families of that surname.  If a family does not appear on my census extract, please do not assume that family is not listed in the census of a particular county.

I have chosen to present the families as they occur on the original census, rather than in alphabetical order.  I think it is an important research tool to know where these families lived in relation to each other.   I have tried to be honest to the text of the census.  If the census lists Fielding Isaacs as Fielden Isaacks, so have I.  So please remember to check variant spellings.  The best way to search for a name is to use the  "find on this page" function listed under the edit button on the tool bar. 

It would be wrong for me to claim this work as solely my own.  I could never have compiled this information without the help of many Isaacs researchers.  Stan Isaac, Aaron Isaacs, Susan Isaac, Ran Raider and Geneva Rudolph have all provided me with valuable information.  A special thanks to Barry Isaacs whose knowledge of Isaacs in the military is inexhaustible.  His editing skills aren't bad either.  And finally  to all those of you who have answered queries, mailed information with never a thought of re-imbursement, trekked through cemeteries, and devoted hours of your time researching in county courthouses, libraries and historical societies, thank you.