Robert Jones and Mary Jane Clemons

Robert Jones was born about 1810 in Madison County.  He was the son of Humphrey Jones and Susannah Gentry.    He was an avowed abolitionist. That might be the reason Robert's share of his father's estate was given to his children and Robert was left with only a $1.00 in his father's will.  Robert's father, Humphrey, owned a large plantation and at one time had over 30 slaves.  Robert Jones was a farmer, a school teacher and a colporteur (a peddler of religious books and tracts.) He worked as a representative of the American Missionary Association.  In the Jackson County Court Order Book B, 1859, there is a record of the permit Robert was given to sell religious tracts.   Rev, John Fee, also an abolitionist and the founder of Berea College, wrote of  Robert Jones in his book, The Autobiography of John G. Fee: Berea, Kentucky, p.112  

In this region Bro. Robert Jones had also traveled as a colporteur, selling the publications of the American Tract Society, and also distributing anti-slavery documents -- tracts written by myself and others.

On one occasion, in February 1858, while traveling with Rev. John G. Fee, Robert Jones was severely beaten by a mob.  Rev. Fee's account of the beating is in his book on p.118.

They [the mob] then took Bro. Jones and myself nearer to the bank of the river and ordered Bro Jones to strip himself.  He took off his coat. The captain cried out, "Take off your jacket." He did so. "Now your shirt - strip to the red." Jones hesitated. The captain stripped him to the bare back,  bent the man down, and with three sycamore rods, heavy and thick, struck the unoffending man many severe blows, leaving the marks on his body as distinct as the fingers of a man's hand.  The suffering man groaned and fell forward.

After the beating of  Robert Jones the mob decided they had done enough and spared Rev. Fee, much to his disappointment, "I left him [Robert Jones] only sorrowing that I had not shared some of his suffering...."  The Autobiography of John G. Fee: Berea, Kentucky, p.121.

Robert Jones married Mary Jane Clemons on 13 July 1831 in Madison County, with William Hunter as bondsman and Frederick Clemons listed as the father of the bride.  Mary Jane was the daughter of  Frederick Clemons and Nancy Hunter.  Mary Jane Clemons was listed as Jane on her marriage license, Mary on the 1850, 1860, and 1870 censuses and Polly on the1880 census.  

Jackson County Court Records - Sept term 1872: "Robert Jones Sr. on account of old age is exonerated from county levy."  Robert and Mary Jane Jones were both alive in 1880 living in Horse Lick, Jackson County.

Children of Robert Jones and Mary Jane Clemons 

Some Jones family members contribute a child named Stanford born 1835, died prior to 1850, to Robert and Mary Jane Jones.  Whenever I have asked about the source of the information, no one seems to know.  The 1840 census listed Robert and Mary with three boys and a girl under 10 years of age.  The 1850 census listed only two boys and a girl born between the years 1830 and 1840.  So although a boy does indeed seem to be missing, I have no proof that the name of the missing child was Stanford.  Actually when we note that Robert and Mary Jane were married in 1831 and 13 year old John was their oldest child listed on the 1850 census, it seems logical that we might be missing several children. Once again, a family bible would be nice.   

1. John Jones was born about 1837 in Madison County.  He married Frances White on 1 August 1859 in Jackson County.  They were married by John Fee.  They were living in Jackson County in 1870 and 1880.

2. Susannah Jones was born about 1838 in Madison County.  She married James Seaburn on 30 June 1859 in Jackson County.  The wedding was held at Robert Jones' house.  They were living in Jackson County in 1860.

3. William Jones was born 3 Oct 1839 in Madison County.  He married Sarah Elizabeth Todd on 1 July 1859 in Jackson County.  Sarah was born 23 June 1838 in Madison, and was the daughter of Baxter Todd and Elizabeth Mitchell.  William and Sarah moved to Arkansas sometime before 1900. William died on the 15th of June 1905 in Waldron, Scott County, Arkansas. William Jones' obituary from the Waldron Reporter of July 27, 1905 said that he had moved to Scott County about 5 years before his death and that he was survived by his wife and  five children.  He was a Methodist Sunday School  superintendent.  Sarah Jones died 20 November 1917 in Krebs, Pittsburgh County, Oklahoma.

4. Humphrey T. Jones was born 23 July 1841 in Madison County.  He married Nancy Laird 14 April 1864 in Jackson County.  Humphrey was listed with a son William H., age 7/12,  on the 1870 census of Jackson County.  Nancy wasn't listed with them. 

Jackson County Court Records July term, 1872, p. 329:  "Humphrey Jones to show cause why his child by his first wife shall not be bound out."

Humphrey appeared on the 1880 census of Jackson with a woman named Mary.  It would seem from the court record above that they were married prior to 1872.  Humphrey died 20 October 1927 in Butler County, Ohio. He is buried in Hickory Flats Cemetery, Butler County, Ohio

5. Elihu Jones was born about 1843 in Madison County.  He married Susanna Williams on 24 February 1862 (bond) in Jackson County.  They were listed on the  Jackson County census in 1870 through 1920.

6. Mary Ann Jones was born about 1845 in Madison County.  She married John Moberly on 25 June 1863 in Jackson County.  The wedding was held at Robert Jones' house.

7. Robert Jones was born 4 November 1846 in Madison County.  He married Jane Silva.  He died 3 January 1936.  I have been told that both Robert and Jane are buried in the Pine Grove Cemetery  in Jackson County.

8. Nancy Elizabeth Jones was born about 1848 in Madison County.  She married a man named Holland.

9. Catherine Jones was born about 1849 in Madison County.  Catherine was listed as 1 year old on the 1850 census but was not listed on any later censuses with her family.  She might be Sarah who was 10 on the 1860 census, or they might be two different people. 

10. Sarah Jones was born about 1850 in Madison County.  Sarah does not appear on the 1850 census, but she was 10 on the 1860 census.  She might be the same person as Catherine listed above.  Sarah does not appear on the 1870 census with her family, but she could be married.

11. Mason Jones was born 24 May 1851 in Madison County. He married Sarilda Ann Ballard.  He was a minister and a farmer.

12. Jane Jones was born 31 December 1852 in Madison County.  She most likely died before 1860 as she did not appear on the census for that year.  Her birth was listed in the Vital Records of Madison County.

13. Martha J. Jones was born 28 December 1854 in Madison County.  Her birth was listed in the Vital Records of Madison County.

14. Margaret Jones was born about 1855 in Madison County.  She married William Carr.  They were living in Elliston township in Madison County in 1880, Margaret was 24 and William was 46.  

15. Fee Gregory Jones was born 17 September 1857 in Madison County.  On the 1870 census he was listed as Feegee.  He married Sarah Jane Powell on 27 September 1877 in Jackson County.  The wedding was held at the home of G. W. Powell.  Fee G. Jones died 20 February 1939 in Hagerville, Johnson County, Arkansas.  I would imagine he was named for Rev. John G. Fee.

Both William Jones and John Jones list that they were born in Estill County on the marriage records listed in the vital records of Madison County.  Maybe the part of Madison where they lived bordered Estill County.